Dos and Don’ts: A note for a Metaverse legislation

Members of Metacircle have collectively collaborated to compile this report, intending to establish a foundation for Metaverse regulations within Europe.

NFTs: Beyond Speculation, Prospects for Societal Utility.

For Mr. Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior and Overseas in France, co-written by Philippe Rodriguez and Ben Constanty at Metacircle.

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Arianee & Metacircle
Metacircle with Breitling, Arianee, and Exclusible for our Luxury edition…

Metacircle hosts Mira, a hyper-realistic experiential metaverse.

Metaverse Architectural Studies – By Sandbox and BEM Builders (Part 1)

Stage 11 – The Music Industry transformation in the Metaverse

Arianee & Metacircle
Metacircle, Rugby Club Toulonnais, and Doors sat down to discuss…

Metacircle inauguration conference in Decentraland with Axel Dauchez…

Metacircle x Capsule Corp Labs on NFT Utilities [Deep Dive]

Metaverse Architecture Studies with BEM Builders and Tarkett (Part 2)


Arianee & Metacircle
A deep dive into Arianee featuring the CEO for a Metacircle interview.

Official launch of the Metaverse commission at Bercy..

The Metaverse revolution at August Debouzy’s with Havas Newdeal.

Metacircle is going to pop up at NFT Paris and meet the ecosystem!

Arianee & Metacircle
Last week we held a session with Olivier Godest to get a better..

Arianee & Metacircle

The first Metacircle physical event in Paris at Pyratz Labs’ office!

We were at Metadays to meet with more incredible Metaverse players!

Metacircle at the Metaverse Summit! Big thank you to RLTY and Yingzi Yuan!


Ledger’s Sebastien Badault: “We’re Entering Into The Revolutionary..”

Launch of the first Metaverse Think Tank in Europe i.e. Metacircle…

Arianee & Metacircle

The new book The Metaverse Revolution by Philippe Rodriguez now available..

Philippe Rodriguez and Sebastien Borget with Le Point at Futurapolis..

Announcement of the launch of Metacircle, a Metaverse Think Tank..

Philippe Rodriguez on B Smart for the release of his new book the Metav…

Interview with Philippe Rodriguez about what is the Metaverse…

BFM Business interviews Metacircle co-founder about the Metaverse…


Arianee & Metacircle

A deep dive into Arianee featuring the CEO Pierre Nicolas Hurstel for a new interview.

We sat down with the Exclusible team today to discuss their vision of the Metaverse, Exclusible, and its future.

The Winkyverse is one of a king Metaverse project and we interviewed its CEO Boris Kesler for you today.