Interview SERIES #3

Metacircle sat down with the Mainbot team to learn more about The Winkyverse and the latest updates!


Mainbot is an Edtech company around educational products for families and children. Mainbot has designed Winky, the first edutainment robot made in France. Winky is positioned as the first robotic platform for learning and awakening children.

Winkyverse is the first Metaverse in the world focused on education and learning in many new and futuristic fields (Robotics, programming…), but also English, math etc. This project aims to initiate millions of young people in this new virtual universe and thus make their learning process much more fun, playful, and stimulating. The Winkyverse is for families, children, and the crypto community as well..


I have always been a huge fan of geeky stuff ! Tech as a whole is really driving me. That’s why I started with robots. I have been in this environment for +20 years now. My passion for the industry led to me co-founding 3 companies. However, I recently made a switch into Web3 and gaming with Winkyverse gathering more than 80 people working full time now.

How is Mainbot involved in the Metaverse?

How is Mainbot involved in the Metaverse?

DAO & Ownership

One of the main objectives of the Winkyverse is to onboard both crypto-enthusiasts and neophytes.

In line with this philosophy, Web3 allows users to now take decisions with and through the editor of the platform/product. It was natural for Winkyverse to develop a DAO and leverage the advantages of Web3. Moreover, our token allows its holders to buy lands, vote on governance subjects as well and interact in many ways with the Winkyverse ecosystem.


One of our main focus is to work on interoperability. Especially with other builders in the space like Sandbox. Working with different Metaverses is the first step.

How do we make brands or creators build content in all these platforms and how do we make them compatible? This dimension is key for Winkyverse as lots of creators of educational products will come on the metaverse. A content editor is also in development to let creators deploy their products on Winkyverse.

How would you define the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a complex definition but I would see it as an improvement of the gaming universes like MMORPG that have been existing for 20 years already. The Metaverse is different on 3 aspects:

  1. The interoperability: I believe that we will have thousands of different metaverses that will work exactly like a tab works today in your google chrome.
  2. Ownership: This dimension that is only possible through Web3 is an “upgrade” of the classical MMORPG model. Truly owning your assets and characters is a game changer for the players.
  3. The DAO model: Being able to have an impact on the game edition for the player and the community

How will The Winkyverse impact the Metaverse?

Winkyverse is a play-to-Learn. It’s not about earning money but more “earning knowledge”.

3 educational components:

  • The universe itself and the storyline. A utopian world in which humanity has solved the current technological and ecological problems. Here it’s about educating people through the universe.
  • The tools to create content. The platform on which we create and share contents to learn. The idea is to let users learn new stuff from other users. A kind of educational YouTube for web3 gamified
  • Carrying the educational content that is used by schools etc and bringing it to the platform.

What are the best use cases of the Metaverse?

One of the best use cases is the user content generation. That’s why we are investing so much into our editing tool for creators and artists. The possibility of creating an asset and implementing it in-game linked to its economy is amazing.

What are the next milestones for the Winkyverse?

In a year or so we will be able to deploy an Alpha. Until then several land sales are happening. Then people will be able to edit their land content easily with the land editor and land viewer. Players will have the possibility to invite people to their land and share their creations.

What will the Metaverse look like in 2025?

The vision is more up until 2030 I would say. There will be as many metaverses as there are tabs on your google chrome. The challenge will lie in how we create a framework allowing interoperability and for people to easily create their own Metaverse. My opinion is that we will be able to create a metaverse as easily as we create a website today.

The major difference will be that it will not be centralized though a GAFAM, that you will connect to each of these tabs with your wallet and that’s it.

What’s the coolest experience/initiative you have seen in the space recently?

The initiatives and conferences that take place in Paris. Since 2020-2021 there is a great dynamic in Web3 in France.

The mutual aid and collaborative side that we are witnessing. Everything is to be done and everyone helps each other because the workload is enormous and that’s great.