Interview SERIES #1 WITH Exclusible

Metacircle sat down with the Exclusible team for
a deep dive into the project and its latest updates.


Exclusible is a company based in Portugal with over 40 employees. The original team had the intuition that there was a big fit between the luxury world and the technological innovation of NFTs. So, more than a year ago, they decided to make a Farfetch of NFTs as their initial roadmap. Exclusible represents more than 12 collections/drops of NFTs so far.

They extended their activities to the Metaverse in late 2021. Over time Exclusible has become more than just a “Farfetch”.

Today Exclusible is a brand synonymous with success and sell out. Exclusible is a destination, a lifestyle. This is also the reason why they organize so many events with their communities as recently in Ibiza and Cannes. Exclusible is a whole ecosystem. Moreover, Exclusible is increasingly moving towards a B2B market by using the brand.

Indeed, companies interested in the Metaverse don’t just want an empty land space in the Metaverse and they are right. They need to avoid the risk of a ghost town as they turn to their branded community and the marketing clout they have.

Who are the founders?

A team of experienced and complementary founders:

Thibault de Launay
Serial Entrepreneur

Olivier Moingeon
Luxury background

Romain Girbal
Serial Entrepreneur

Pierre Guigourese
Consulting & Finance

Serial entrepreneurs, experts or even Business Angels for others. Each of them having had rich and diverse professional lives in the past. Whether in the tech industry, luxury or even in the mining field. It’s this cocktail of talents that brands look for nowadays. Something in common unites them: they are all massively involved in Web3.

How is Exclusible involved in the Metaverse ?

“Exclusible has expanded its activities in the Metaverse by the end of 2021. Metaverse agnostic they have already developed creations on 2 different platforms: The Sandbox and Spatial.

Exclusible has launched two significant projects on Sandbox: the first one being the sale of 25 paradise islands on Sandbox. The islands sold by Exclusible are located next to one of the mainlands of The Sandbox. Divided into four different sizes, they have unique attributes. These include options to install helipads, a private port, furniture or accessories and the ability to customize the space.

The sale was limited to just 25 private islands, with final purchases reserved for celebrities with at least 1 million followers on social media. Many celebrities participated in the collection’s sold-out. These include Italian international Marco Verratti of Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich winger Kingsley Coman, former world number one tennis player Ana Ivanovic, and Swiss tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka.

Moreover, Exclusible acquired 3 lands of 6×6 on The SandBox to develop a truly virtual luxury universe with social, gaming, and interactive components. The aim is to transform traditional conspicuous luxury consumption into a new modern, more democratic, inclusive, and fun, luxury format in a completely digital and dreamy environment.

They made 5 different types of villas. Villas with interior sizes from 290m2 to 594m2. Every city in the Exclusible Luxury District has been designed and thought out in detail to offer the most innovative and leading-edge digital luxury experience.”

How would you define the METAVERSE?

“A journey, specific to each in his or her digital life. This moment when the digital social life becomes more important than the physical one. The Metaverse is a vision, a state that does not yet exist. Gaming made the first decisive steps and today blockchain and tokens are making a second giant leap. This step is the next, creating more value for users and not exclusively for publishers.”

How will Exclusible impact the METAVERSE?

“Web3 is still too niche. Creating a wallet, buying tokens, using them, going on the Metaverse is still too heavy for neophytes.
Our mission: “Onboarding the next 1 million people to Web3″ whether through free or paid collectibles collection or through their contributions to the Metaverse activation.

What are the best use cases of the METAVERSE?

“A question that is still very much open. There are “classic” use cases according to Pierre. Gaming is clearly one of them, this industry already has its definition of the Metaverse of tomorrow. But there will be a whole spectrum of use cases more casual than gaming that will appear. Professional use cases that are yet to be defined. Banking examples are under study. Place of exchange between a consultant and a customer. Subject of training, internal event to the company. Or use cases linked to simulations.”

What are the next milestones for Exclusible?

“First of all, the September event in Ibiza to gather again the Exclusible community.
The team will of course be present at all the major Web3 events of fall.

New collections are expected for early September as well. One related to supercars and the other to high jewelry. They are also happy to create a new range of new products out of what they have been able to do so far. Q4 will be loaded!”

What will the Metaverse look like in 2025?

“It will be interesting to see several factors. The affluence, seeing the number of wallet’s multiplying will transform the use of the Metaverse.

The technical aspect: we will see by then a simplification of web3 onboarding, display, and stream of immersive environments. They are looking forward to the evolution of hardware and software.

After 3 years, we will have seen a sedimentation of uses. We will know which ones are core, which will be market fit and which will be abandoned.”

What’s the coolest recent initiative you have seen recently in the metaverse space? ?

“There are several with two different directions:

Dioriviera: A way to discover a collection by a fashion brand via an immersive experience. Shows to the world their willingness to go into the experience of the metaverse. Allows to change the relationship of brands to their customers.

NFTworld, unfortunately knows a sad fate with Microsoft, but the philosophy of bridging the environment Web2 with Web3 is great. Minecraft and the addition of a Web3 technology. A real Inspiring project and ambition.”