Interview SERIES #2

Metacircle sat down with the Arianee team for
a deep dive into the project and its latest updates.


Arianee is a web3 solutions platform that enables brands to tokenize, distribute and engage NFTs to transform their relationships with their communities.


The Arianee protocol is at the heart of our technology. It’s an open-source protocol that allows anyone to create enriched NFTs (upgraded version of the ERC721) which has a set of amazing features among which the possibility to send messages to the wallets, to time-stamp an NFT, and show their evolution.

An NFT that you can redeem and claim easily, even if you do not own a wallet.The protocol is backed by Aria20, a utility token to incentive developers and stakeholders to build on the protocol. A fantastic piece of open-source technology built to get NFTs in the hands of millions.


Moreover, we also built a wallet that will evolve in a couple of months. It’s going to be the coolest wallet ever made to use and enjoy NFTs! Designed to experience NFTs with all the components we can expect from them now such as utility, loyalty, CRM, diversity of use cases, POAP, digital twin, etc. Arianee considered all different types of NFTs to offer an interface where you can truly leverage and enjoy NFTs. You will be able to connect several Ethereum addresses and some that you will be able to manage.

To sum it up:

1) Enjoy your NFTs natively multi-chain without changing networks
2) Multi-wallet
3) Multi-type

On top of this Arianee protocol, Arianee built a SaaS platform designed for brands and enterprises to use the full potential of the protocol to transform their relationship with their communities through digital twins, digital assets, or as an experience or community.

Besides the wallet, our range of technological solutions goes from an NFT Management Platform to web3 tooling (token gating, NFT store).


A team of experienced and complementary founders:

Pierre Nicolas Hurslte

Julien Romanetto
Chief Innovation Officer

Alexandre Cognard
Chief Technology Officer

Frédéric Montagnon
Chairman of the Board

Interview with Pierre Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee

How is Arianee involved in the Metaverse?

“We empower seamless and rich customer journeys. We’re allowing brands to use this bridge between the physical and digital world through wallets and tokens and leveraging the interoperability of the ETH environment.”

How WOULD YOU DEFINE the Metaverse?

A new challenge, distribution, entertainment, and social channel for them.

In this new omnichannel that is bridging our physical, digital and immersive environments like the Metaverse, we believe that the native data are the tokens, and the keys are the wallets.


Arianee is here to make a significant contribution toward the decentralization of the internet.

We want to be among the companies who gave access to millions across the world to use digital spaces with a decentralized identity.

We’re here to break the status quo on how digital relationships work today by leveraging decentralization and tokenization.

What are the next milestones for ARIANEE?

The wallet is going to be big on the product side.

Also, there will be a series of major global brands announcing fantastic use cases. Arianee is also finishing the integration of their post series- A recruitment batch.

Utility before anything else. It’s really a major point. The intrinsic utility of the NFT is to prove that you are the rightful owner of an asset. One of Arianee’s big goals for the coming time is to go into industries where you can leverage NFTs to solve critical business problems.

What will the Metaverse look like in 2025?

Recent software and hardware innovations are really changing the game. Especially with Augmented Reality, I believe that this next piece of technology is the one that will transform the Metaverse the most and how we experience it. The 2025 Metaverse will be one of Augmented Reality.

What’s the coolest recent Metaverse experience you participated in? 

Recently I integrated my brand new World of Woman NFT with my Oncyber gallery, a microverse in which you can display your digital art pieces at will. I love customizing my space and sharing it on my smartphone with my friends. A truly awesome experience.